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The 36 mm copy watches are designed for females.

UK Fantastic Replica Watches Cooperated With Cartier And Métiers d’Art

In 1914, panthère firstly appeared on Cartier work by abstract figure. Since than, Cartier has explained various charming figures of panthère constantly. Panthère has become one of the most important element of Cartier and also the source of inspiration.

Recently, Cartier, together with Métiers d’Art pushed out two perfect fake watches. I’d like to share you these two fascinating and charming watches in the following.

The leather straps fake watches are designed for men.
42 MM Fake Cartier Watches

First of all, you can see different panthère patterns on the dials that apply filigreework and enamel techniques. There is no doubt that such amazing copy watches can catch your eyes at the first sight.

The 36 mm copy watches are designed for females.
36 MM Copy Cartier Watches

Second, these two luxury watches are both made from polished 18k white gold. The formal one designed for men is matched with grey alligator leather strap and the later one designed for women is matched with blue alligator leather strap and decorated with diamonds on the bezel.

In addition, it is need about 100 hours to make these two precious watches. Each edition has only 30 pieces. Both of them are worth having.